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Our Services

Want a fabulous garden?  Our professional designers and gardening teams can help you design, create and maintain the garden of your dreams.    Whether you’ve got an existing garden you want to upgrade or are starting a new garden for a new home, we’ll design a garden that’s right for you and your family.

We pride ourselves on communicating with our customers, so that you know what is going on every step of the way – no surprises.  We also ensure that we are continually innovating, while using the latest technology so that we are efficient and maintain the highest level of excellence while taking care of your property.

As a company, we make every effort to be environmentally friendly. That means we use electric equipment that produce no emissions, uses no gas, and makes very little noise – something that both you and your neighbours will appreciate.

Landscape Design & Stonework

Whatever you need for your garden, we’ll get it designed and built to suit your requirements.  From designing your garden beds, adding pergolas, and fences, or designing and building stone walkways, driveways, patios or retaining walls, we’ll make your garden work for you.   We even have specialists in lighting and watering systems, to make sure your garden is spectacular.

Garden Preparation & Design

Our garden pros and crews are here to help. Whether you need spring or fall clean-ups, annual flower planting, bulbs for next season, or you simply want a few trees and shrubs in the right place, we’ve got the crews to get it done. We’ll also help with selecting your plants, what needs to be done for optimum garden maintenance, and anything else to set up your garden for the season.

Garden Care & Maintenance

We’ve got you covered so you can have a beautiful garden for your home or business. We’ll take care of everything, from fertilizing, mulching, weeding, and trimming, planting, and edging, let us worry about what needs to get done - and when - so your garden always looks its best.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

We all want a beautiful lawn for our home or business, but honestly, it is hard work. All the right things need to be done at the right time. Aeration, de-thatching and lawn sweeping, top dressing and over seeding, fertilizing and weed control, and of course, mowing. Our teams are there to do a beautiful job and give you a lawn your neighbours will envy.

Other Services

We are there for you year-round. If you need customized seasonal arrangements in decorative urns to greet your guests and customers, property management, to make sure that everything is in top shape all year long, or snow removal. If you need help with your garden or property, you can rely on us.

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Whether you want a beautiful garden to entertain in or enjoy with your family, or a welcoming space for your customers, we’ve got the experts and professionals to help you design the right space, plant it, and maintain it.  Please contact us by filling out our quote form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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